MAGNESOL® Polyols and Surfactants Adsorbent

Purify polyols and surfactants effectively and efficiently with MAGNESOL® adsorbents

MAGNESOL® is an adsorbent designed for deep purification of polyols and surfactants. Purification by MAGNESOL® is widely recognized as the most effective way to produce high quality polyols. With high adsorptivity and excellent filtration characteristics, MAGNESOL® magnesium silicates are economical and easy to use.

The highly active surface of MAGNESOL® attracts sodium, potassium, and other metal ions as well as other polar compounds by chemisorption and holds them for removal from the process by filtration. The result is a high purity, odor-free, crystal clear, sparkling polyol. No other method or adsorbent achieves lower residual sodium and potassium levels than MAGNESOL®.